Born in Barcelona, Karla Chacón Ruiz has a degree in “Fashion Design and Fashion Styling” by the Superior School of Design and Fashion Felicidad Duce. In 2010, she started an alternative fashion project that was realized in 2011, wich the launch of the clothing brand “Velvet Damita”. That same year, she presented “Poison”, her first collection, at the  “Madrid Gothic Week”, where she was a finalist at the Gothic Runway “Plataforma G”.

Velvet Damita’s style envolves into the alternative fashion. Past and present united nourish the creation of innovative apparel with a unique story. Entirely handmade, designs of Velvet Damita are for attractive women, confident and with the point of audacity. A rascal and elegant style that offers and unique look.

Today, Velvet Damita has two clothing lines. The first, “Velvet Damita”, is composed by a collection more upscale, sophisticated and extreme. The second line, “VD”, offers basics clothing without taking the essence that defines the brand. Apart from these two lines, Velvet Damita also features “Damita’s Atelier” where she offers the possiblity to make fully customized products on demand.