Buy  is simple. You just follow these steps:
In the “Boutique” section, choose the line of the brand (or VD by Velvet Velvet Damita Damita), and then choose the type of garment. Finally, choose the model you want. If you access within this through a click, you’ll get an extension of the complete information of the garment. We advise you to check your size here.
– Select an item and add it to the basket. You can then choose to continue shopping or process order.
– If you want to process your order you need to do it by signing.
– Select a payment method: Bank Transfer or Paypal.
– Confirm your order.
– You will receive an email confirming your order.
All our products are completely handmade. It means that we produce on request. Each line of the brand has different deadlines specified below.
Orders are progressively accepted based on workload. Making deadlines are approximate. The making of the garment may be more complex, and these deadlines may be delayed. If for any reason once the order is confirmed, we could not deliver it within the time limits previously announced, we will send an informative email.
Likewise, we also want to remind you that the items will begin to make or process, only from the moment in which you’ve entered the corresponding amount.
Once completed, we will notify that the order leaves and will remain subject to delivery time mentioned above in paragraph  Shipments.
Within the brand, there are three types of lines:
Velvet Damita:
In the “Boutique” section, clicking the “Velvet Damita” icon, you can find collections related only to this line.
Within each product you can see the price, clothing sizes, detailed descriptions and even some pictures.
The estimated production lead time is about 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the garment.
VD by Velvet Damita:
In the “Boutique” section, clicking the “VD” icon, you can find collections related only to this line. Within each product you can see the price, a detailed description and even some pictures. Only you will have to indicate your size and quantity that you want. If the item is not available, we will inform you immediately. It may be replaced by another product of our catalog or you can cancel the order.
Once the order is confirmed, the handling time is about 4 days.
Damita’s Atelier:
In the main menu of our site, clicking the “Damita’s Atelier” icon, you can find information related only to this line. Being a completely unique and personal request, we invite you to contact us at in the email address , to explain exactly what are your ideas, inspirations, likes or needs. We will provide some quickly and easy guidelines so that you may send us your measurements.
Being a completely personal request, the estimated production lead time is about 5 to 9 weeks, depending on the complexity of the garment.
* The “Velvet Damita” line has a default colors and sizes, but if you need a custom one, please contact us in the same email address and we will be happy to help you.
Please note, we do not accept returns or exchanges on most of our items. In order to avoid buying the wrong size, please see our size chart. You have to know that not all tissues retain the same measures over others. That is, the measures of a garment made from rigid fabric, not vary. But with a garment made with elastique fabrics, you may need some adjustment or even a smaller size. Apart from the size chart, we recommend that you read the descriptions well to know what kind of fabric the garment is made.
 If you are not sure and have doubts about your size, please contact us at , and we will happy to advise you.
Forms of payment accepted by Velvet Damita are:
– Bank transfer or deposit account: Once you have chosen your article and you want to proceed your order, we will provide an account number in which you will be able to enter the payment.
– PayPal: Payment will be made directly and immediately at the time of purchase.
We will show you how to make these payments with any of the options enabled. In any case we accept payment by COD.
Right at the moment we get the confirmation of the payment, with any of the stipulated options, we’ll begin the processing of your order. We recommend that you indicate the article’s name in the bank transfer, as well as your full name. The payment must be carried out within 4 days after the date of confirmation and payment must be made in Euros (€). Otherwise, we’ll reject the order.
Otherwise not make payments as mentioned above, the order will be rejected.
Shipping costs and payment fees are recognized before confirming the purchase.